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Who we are

Established in 1998, PDQ Specialist Courier Services is one of the UK’s pioneering temperature-controlled couriers. Through the years, we have transformed into a niche provider of specialist courier services with a customer base that ranges from NHS trusts to blue-chip multinational companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Baxter Healthcare, Unilever and Virgin.

We provide specialist courier services across the pharmaceutical, hazardous and medical industries with highly specialist temperature-controlled solutions. In addition to our comprehensive UKAS ISO 9001:2015 and UKAS ISO 14001:2015 Quality Management System, all our drivers hold full ADR and GDP certification, and our procedures and vehicles adhere to all MHRA guidelines.

Unique to our company, this complete certification allows our team of drivers to carry all spectrums of hazardous pathology samples, pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, radioactive materials and nuclear medicine.

Our Fleet

To ensure timely deliveries and uninterrupted service, we maintain spare capacity within our fleet and personnel at all times. All vehicles are fully maintained and serviced by the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, ensuring minimal disruptions. To minimise breakdowns, we operate a three-yearly vehicle renewal policy, and all vehicles come with full Mercedes-Benz 24-hour roadside recovery throughout Europe.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Seven Telematics technology enables our operations, drivers and management to remotely track the GPS location and temperature of the vehicles. This data is securely stored offsite, with historical data made available for up to 12 months, ensuring a robust audit trail and allowing us to complete a full review of the effectiveness of our internal control system. Our temperature telematics systems allow our transport office to remotely track real-time and historical temperature and location of consignments.

Temperature-controlled units are fully maintained and serviced by the manufacturer at 16-week intervals. All units have contracted UK and European breakdown cover with the manufacturer. All vehicles are equipped with electronic standby cables, allowing them to be independently run from the vehicle.

Key Out System

Vehicles are fitted with key out systems, enabling them to be left secure while unattended on the decks of ferries. Leaving the engine running guarantees the fridge unit remains constantly operational during transit. Any attempt by an unauthorised person to move the vehicle will cause the engine to cut out.

Fridge Unit Calibration

All our vehicle refrigeration units are fully calibrated and serviced at 16 weekly intervals under service contracts with the manufacturer. These service agreements also include full UK and European roadside backups in case of fridge malfunction.

High-Security Loads

In the case of high-security loads, vehicles are fitted with cages along with slam locks on doors and vehicle registration numbers on the roof for aerial identification. These are also equipped with panic alarms linked directly to our operations department in case of emergencies. Our vehicles can also be double-manned for additional security under certain circumstances.

Our Drivers

We take pride that our specialist drivers are trained to the highest level of GDP compliance and ADR standards, and all drivers attain full Good Distribution Practice certification, as required by the September 2013 MHRA guidelines. This level of training ensures that we can continually meet the needs of our clients. By employing all of our drivers, we have created a team environment and a culture of customer-focused service and support. Thanks to our staff empowerment initiatives and continuous training and development programmes, PDQ Specialist Courier Services has experienced an extremely low staff turnover over the past 15 years. By continuously investing in our drivers, we enhance their ability to service the requirements of our customers.

Going Green

PDQ Specialist Courier Services recognises the importance of preserving the environment in which we operate and is committed to prioritising its environmental management policy. Working towards our principle of sustainable development, PDQ endeavours to address our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • Continual minimisation of waste through reusing materials and recycling wherever possible

  • Investigate fuel usage, route planning and best vehicle design across our fleet to minimise empty miles and emissions

  • Appoint staff and carriers who have the appropriate skills and experience, and educate, train and motivate them 

  • Ensure full accountability for best environmental practices by all employees and carriers

  • Communicate this policy and ensure awareness of responsible environmental management by staff, carriers, customers and the community
  • Pursue a direction which is ecologically sustainable, viable and conducted according to high standards of environmental performance to protect the environment for future generations

  • Adhere to relevant legislation, regulations and pertinent best codes of practice, and carry out regular reviews

  • Consider the best use of raw materials, as well as using recycled/recyclable products

  • Promote environmental awareness at all levels of our company and encourage appropriate actions for all staff

  • Liaise with our suppliers, contractors and clients to improve Environmental Management at all levels of the supply chain

Electronic PODs and Paperless Invoicing

All our couriers are equipped with PDA devices which electronically capture collection and delivery signatures. These are date and time-stamped and are available to view in real-time through our customer’s unique portal. Adhering to our green policies, we also offer our clients the option of paperless invoicing.


Checking that the system works is a vital part of UKAS ISO 9001:2015. PDQ Specialist Courier Services performs internal audits to check how our Quality Management System is performing. We give our customers additional peace of mind by ensuring our practices are audited annually by ISOQAR, an independent certification body that verifies our compliance with established standards. We happily invite our customers to audit our practices and verify our performance.

We are a proud member of the EFS Global Group of Companies.

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