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How to transport COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Specimen Samples

One question we’ve been asked in recent days is ‘how do you transport COVID-19 Specimen Samples?’

Covid-19 has been recently listed as a pandemic by WHO (The World Health Organisation) and sampling of potential carriers is taking place across the United Kingdom, these samples are transported to laboratories for investigation.

Covid-19 Category B Transport

Covid19 samples class as UN3373 although as the understanding of the virus becomes better known it may change classification or category. UN3373 classes as Biological Substances Catagory B meaning it is Class 6.2 and has a packing instruction of P650, Coronavirus Specimen Inspectionmeaning that the packaging must withstand transportation and be built from three components (the primary receptacle, second packaging and an outer packaging) and be clearly marked ‘Priority 10’ UN3373.

Collection of Coronavirus Samples

Once the sample is appropriately packaged and ready to go, we will collect in one of temperature-controlled vehicles.   Our vehicles are equipped to transport critical specimens, with temperatures ranging from – 25 to + 25 Degrees.  They are remotely monitored and tracked at every stage of their journey.  Like PHE (Public Health England) PDQ Specialist Courier Services are following the WHO guidance on regulations for the transport of infectious substances 2019-2020.

Infection Control and Driver Safety

Infection control, driver and vehicle safety is paramount when sending samples, drivers have PPE, hands free communication devices, hand sanitisers and bacterial wipes. Infection Prevention and Control Courses have been rolled out to our entire team and appropriate cleaning measures are undertaken at every step of the way. PDQ operate within MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products
Regulatory Agency) guidelines and we have Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedure in place.

Please contact PDQ Specialist Couriers today for more information regarding Coronavirus sample transportation or any of our other services, our staff are on hand 24/7.




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